Start using feeds

IF you OWN content and WANT to Multiplply and Distribute your Content on the internet.  Read details below.

If you OWN content and want to make Feeds with your content please email us  we can help you set it up for you. Also you can make 100 stores with your content and have it on many sites just sending your affiliates simple code. Our software will generate it for you. This way you can distribute it thorough out your affiliate network. You can make B2B (Wholesale Business to Business  content stores and B2P ( Retail or Business to public) . Check this link how easy it is looks . You affiliates can grab it with in minutes. That will give you HUGE SALES INCREASE.  It is very easy just upload content , put price for b2b and b2p markets and let your affiliates grab code. You can spread 100th of stores trough the internet. E-mail us for set up and running cost of the venture


How do feeds work?

It's very simple. First you select niche you want. Select photosets or videos then click save. You will then receive a piece of javascript which you place on your site. Then your members can enjoy watching great content from our servers. At the end of the month you simply pay your bill. Please feel free to watch the feeds demo video.

Why do you need feeds?

Keep your members happy.
Increases member retention.
Generate more sign ups advertising a truly niche product (3D content).
Create a value added product by beefing up your content at next to no cost!

1. Choosing feed category
1. Appearance setup
1. Preview
1. Embeded code

3D full hd stereo Feeds  new!

  • This feeds are great way to keep customers signed
  • We update it 2 times a month and since it is hard to find anywhere and because of our exceptional quality of 3-D your surfers will just stay
  • We have very expensive production equipment to make sure the 3-D is as great as you see it in movie theaters
  • Also we offer FREE Glasses for you to check the 3-D if you don�t have one
  • Sign up to and check Free glasses
  • Also you can advertise that you have stereo content on your site and make more sign ups
  • Also If you place banner on your site and up sell we pay 50%
  • Sign up now and grab banners
  • Other wise enjoy first ever 3D Full HD FEEDS

Custom Feeds

  • This feeds feature is great because it un limits you to make feeds just the way you want them
  • This way you make it so close to tastes of your members
  • And it is simple like 1, 2, 3
  • Grab your code and let you members see it today
  • Select content by type Photo or Video
  • Select by niche (any niche you want)
  • Make custom appearance with one click
  • Select by models (coming soon)
  • Select by Content Producer (coming soon)

Most popular feeds

Amateur Feeds

  • We have best collection which we created since 2000
  • These models are in AtkCash, Met Art, Karups, teen Dreams, Nubiles, Major us Magazines s like Cheri, Live Young Girls, Tight
  • We update very often so you surfers will be very happy
  • Check for yourself how hot our models are
  • Sign up now and deliver best to your members

Teen Feeds

  • We simply have one of the greatest teen collection available now for your site members
  • Hottest teen girls who posed for all these famous sites AtkCash, Met Art, Karups, teen Dreams, Nubiles, Major us Magazines s like Cheri, Live Young Girls, Tight
  • Updating 2 times a week and more down the road more often
  • Deliver best teens to your member areas

Feeds prices for bandwidth used

Bandwidth up to 25GB 26-50GB 51-100GB 101-250GB 251-500GB 501-1000GB
Price per GB $2.2 $2.1 $1.9 $1.7 $1.5 $1.3
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